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Our Sofa Beds for UK Customers!

A selection of sofa beds, tips and recommendations for our UK customers!

With the sofa bed growing in popularity in the UK, it's no wonder people are looking for these hot commodities. The objective of purchasing a sofa bed is to add some extra functionality to your home, such as having a stylish piece of furniture transform into something as functional and cosy as a bed. After following this article which shows you some of the best deals on sofa beds we sell in the UK, you will be prepared to house any of your friends overnight in a pinch. That added functionality really proves why the sofa bed is such a sought after product! If you're in a hurry click here to see our selection of sofa beds we have at Kleyo!

A picture of the Abakus Direct Olly Single Sofa Bed standing in the center of the frame in a fully furnished sunlit room. The sofa bed is of the grey coloured varient.

Why you should buy this sofa bed in particular!

The Eulia Click Clack Sofa Bed has been set up in a blank, softly lit, white room showcasing the bed in its regular sofa form.

Or take a look at our stylish Eulia Click Clack Sofa bed in Sage Green Velvet. (£429.00)


What to look for in a sofa bed?

In order to find the best product to suit your needs at Kleyo we want to give you the most essential questions you need to answer to find the best satisfaction in your purchase. With the rise of online shopping, it can be overwhelming to be presented with so many options, a number of options that grow each day! So to make sure that you leave this article with a feeling of certainty and a smile on your face make sure to stick around to hear what's most important about a sofa bed!

Here's the selection of sofa beds at Kleyo!


The difference in sofa bed mechanisms

There are multiple ways of transforming a sofa into a bed, many different companies have stepped forward and given their unique twist on it. With so many products offering different styles of transformation, it can really take your head for a spin, though here are the main methods that you will find. The click-clack style (like the Eulia Click Clack Sofa Bed) is a style of transformation that has the back of the sofa unfold into a flat surface, making it a very quick and simple transformation. The backrest doubles as both a cushion to lay on and a cushion to lean on which can make it quite convenient. This style of sofa bed can be most commonly found on two-seater sofa beds. Another style of transformation includes the pull out sofa bed, which is a very easy way of transforming your favourite piece of furniture from a sofa into a bed. A perfect product that we sell in the UK, showcases this transformation wonderfully. It's the Abakus Direct Oslo Single Sofa Bed, where the cushion you sit on pulls out to become the mattress you lay on. Due to the sofa-beds small form factor this makes it the perfect addition to anyone's room where space is an issue.


The size of the sofa you need.

One key difference between all of the sofa beds we sell in the UK is the size of the sofa bed. If you get a sofa bed that's too large then you won't have room for it. But if you buy a sofa bed that's too small then you're going to be left looking for more to fit in your room. To prevent this disaster from happening make sure you know exactly what size of furniture you are looking for. A single-seater sofa bed is a perfect addition to anyone's home or bedroom even, the small size of a single-seater makes it even more impressive when it unfolds into a sofa bed. Though a two-seater sofa bed will certainly put that extra size to good use, giving even more room to your guests to sleep on during the night. Their good nights' rest is assured! (We also sell this single seater sofa in the UK!)


How do the materials play a role?

When looking at the sofa beds we sell in the UK, we always do our best to offer a range of materials for everyone's comfort. The material of a sofa bed plays a big role in the satisfaction you will get once your purchase arrives. If you have chosen the wrong material, you will certainly notice in a few weeks' time as stains, rips and tears become a glaring feature of your precious addition. A few different materials which you will find sofa beds in are leather, velvet and linen fabric. Leather is a very premium feeling material, easy to clean with wipes as well. Though leather does not age very well making it difficult to suggest for longevity. Velvet is an amazing material that gives off a feeling of quality and warmth when touched. It can come in an assortment of exotic colours making it easy to fit together with any room. Though it's not a very breathable material it can make guests uncomfortable when trying to sleep. Lastly, linen fabric is a perfect material for usage in sofa beds, it comes in an assortment of colours like velvet and is cool to the touch. A cool to the touch surface is perfect for sleeping on. With fabrics breathability, your guests will sleep soundly through the night never overheating.


Our suggestions for our amazing UK customers!

The Abakus Direct Olly Single Sofa Bed (£420.00)

The sofa has fully transformed into a bed, showing how much area and space there is to sleep in.

An amazing piece of furniture that will dazzle and surprise anyone who has the pleasure of sleeping on it. The Olly Single Sofa Bed manages to pack in a modern style with functionality in the form factor of a chair. By day it is the perfect support for reading your favourite book, watching your favourite TV shows and the general rest and relaxation to help make your day easy. At night or in a pickle it becomes a reliable bed that you can sleep on in comfort, with its easy pull out mechanism making the transformation quick and easy. A truly stress-free rest.

The material that this sofa bed uses a linen fabric that is easy to clean and maintain. The armchair comes in 2 different shades of grey, that being a dark grey and a light grey. A darker colour is always easier to clean and maintain which makes it a perfect addition when children are going to be involved. Linen is a breathable fabric that keeps the surface cool, perfect for when you're trying to get some sleep at night or just lounging around in the day. This sofa truly is something special.


Vivense London Sorti 3 Seater Sofa Bed (£885.00)

A stylish, black, three-seater sofa bed in a softly lit white studio environment. The sofa has two cushions on it.

The Vivense London Sorti 3 Seater Sofa Bed plans to make the absolute most out of your living space. This classic style with its sleek looks and confidence lets it become a part of any living space which makes it a reliable choice. If you're looking for the perfect support during your day and at night this sofa bed has you covered with a tumble back mechanism that allows for its transformation. A large 3 seater sofa bed is the perfect size to be the centrepiece for your living space. With the extra size of this sofa bed, it translates directly to the size of the bed you will get. Meaning that your guests will be sleeping soundly at night without feeling cramped whatsoever.


Our final thoughts?

We've covered a lot of the essential questions when it comes to shopping for sofa beds. These questions range from material to mechanisms of so many different types of sofa bed. If you're looking for your next addition to your collection of furniture, make sure to give the products mentioned a quick look to see if they're the right fit for you. You can also check out the Kleyo App for tons more homeware inspiration!

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