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The Best Value Sofa Beds of 2022

The best value sofa beds of 2022

The main functionality of a good sofa bed is to bring extra value to whichever room you decide to place it in, its way of effortlessly transforming from a sofa to a bed brings a lot of versatility into a room. Though just because something is adding great value to your room doesn't mean that you should pay more than you have to! This article aims to provide you with the latest, trendy additions to bring into your home with amazing products such as the Abakus Direct Olly Single Sofa Bed, which brings style and functionality in a beautifully compact design. Here are a few of our must-have products (that you can find on Kleyo by the way!), tailored to those wanting the most bang for their buck:

A picture of the Abakus Direct Olly Single Sofa Bed standing in the center of the frame in a fully furnished sunlit room. The sofa bed is of the grey coloured varient.

Shop our stylish Abakus Direct Olly Single Sofa Bed here (£420.00)

A grey wide single seater sofa, made with fabric. It has two little heart-shaped pillows on it in the colours of red and yellow.

Or give our amazing Vivense London Loveseat Sofa Bed a look (£445.00)

Important questions to ask yourself when looking for your new sofa bed.

Every time we look for a new product that we know we want in our homes, we quickly go over a set of questions to make sure that we are satisfied with our purchase. This becomes even more important for products that are as popular as the sofa bed. So to make sure you're happy with your purchases, we will take you through the essentials.

Why does a sofa bed provide so much value?

For value seekers, the sofa bed is a must-have addition to your home. It's one of the only pieces of furniture that can look stylish whilst providing multiple uses. Sofa beds make use of wasted space in your home and turn it into opportunity, providing you with a quick and easy transformation into a bed just in case you need it. When it's utilised well, a sofa bed becomes the essential backup you need to have your guests stay over in comfort.

What size are you looking for?

The size of the sofa bed is incredibly important because if you buy something too large, it could make your room feel too cramped or worse not fit inside your room at all. That's why it's such an important starting point in your journey to find the right sofa bed for you. Whether it's going to be primarily in bed form or sofa form, with multipurpose transforming furniture like sofa beds it's important to consider both forms it takes. An armchair style sofa bed - like our favourite single sofa bed from Abakus - is perfect for a single person to sleep one whilst our Abakus Direct Oslo Corner Sofa Bed provides all the space you need for two people.


The Abakus Direct Oslo Corner Sofa Bed is shown to be showcased in a sunlit, furnished room to provide an example of what it would look like in someone's home.

Our magnificent Abakus Direct Oslo Corner Sofa Bed (£440.00)


Which materials suit you best?

There are many different materials which sofa beds can come in and all these materials have their advantages and disadvantages. With so many choices our objective should be to quickly go over a few of the most common you will find and inform you about their strengths and weaknesses. An amazing material is linen, which provides a cool to the touch and breathable surface that is a pleasure to lay on. This material gives off a sleek and modern feel whilst being easy to maintain and clean making it perfect for children to use as well.

Sofa-bed mechanisms.

Just like there are multiple ways to solve a problem, there are multiple ways to turn a sofa into a bed. Some of these ways are easier than others and that's why you should be aware of the mechanisms that give that sofa the ability to transform. We want to help you avoid that dreaded scenario of fighting with overly complicated sofa beds so here are some tips for finding the right product for you. The click-clack style is an impressively simple style of sofa bed that allows the backrest of the sofa to fold down, providing extra sleeping space for your guests (the same transformation style that our Eulia Click Clack Sofa Bed uses!). Whilst the popular pull out sofa beds like our Abakus Direct Single Sofa Bed provides everything you need in a neat and tidy package.


Our picks for the sofa beds that provide the most value.


The sofa bed has been set up in a sunlit, fully furnished room. On top of the sofa bed lays a blanket and a pillow intended to be slept on.

Abakus Direct Olly Single Sofa Bed (£420.00)


This single sofa bed will manage to catch the eye of anyone in the room with its stylish and modern look. In its armchair form, the Olly Single Sofa Bed is the perfect support for reading a book or browsing your favourite creator's profiles on the Kleyo app (more about our Kleyo app at the end of the article!). After transforming effortlessly into a bed with the pullout style mechanisms underneath you will be set up in no time. Acting as the perfect mattress to sleep on at night with the ability to hide it away and free up some space during the day.

The linen fabric material of this sofa bed makes it the perfect addition to any household as it's easy to clean and maintain. Linen is a breathable fabric that keeps the surface cool for when you're kicking up your feet. It comes in two different colours, those being light grey and dark grey meaning that it will fit seamlessly with many different styles of homes. If you're planning on having this bed in the reach of children it might be best to opt for a darker colour to hide some of the mess that can occur. 

This sofa bed brings immense value to any room it's put in as it can serve the purpose of both a chair for sitting on and a bed for laying on. By combining two separate products into one we think it's truly a value-focused product and if you're looking for something bigger, why not check out the Abakus Direct Oslo Corner Sofa Bed here!


The Eulia Click Clack Sofa Bed has been set up in a blank, softly lit, white room showcasing the bed in its regular sofa form.

Eulia Click Clack Sofabed, Sage Green Velvet (£429.00)

A plush velvet material makes one of the smoothest and comfiest surfaces to lay down on, that's why the Eulia Click Clack Sofa Bed is on our list. This is a two-seater sofa bed which allows for this product to take centre stage within anyone's living room. The velvet material is soft to the touch, giving off an incredibly welcoming feel against the skin. Whilst in the sofa form, it’s incredibly stylish with its plush velvet upholstery and angled brass legs making this sofa something that stands out from the crowd.

The transformation into becoming a bed is incredibly easy, able to complete it in seconds making it a practical choice as well. The click-clack mechanism is intuitive and easy to understand making it frustration-free when getting it prepared in a hurry. Once the backrest of the sofa has folded down the sleeping space expands, making your guests feel spoilt whilst they stay over.


Our final thoughts

Whether it's a single sofa bed you're looking for or a double-seater sofa that turns into a bed, we at Kleyo have you covered with some of the best value you can get with your money. Within this article, we've covered a range of sofa beds, ranging from cool to the touch linen single sofa beds to extravagant and stylish velvet options.

If you'd like even more inspiration, why not check out our entire range of sofa beds?


If you are a true value seeker and want to get the most out of your money, try out our Kleyo app which is available on both iOS and Android where you can see creators' recommendations about how you could furnish your home!

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